BK Top 5: The best things to do tonight, from Threes Brewing’s birthday to re-animated art

They grow up so fast. via Facebook
They grow up so fast. via Facebook

Okay it’s finally Thursday, and the first hellish full week you’ve had in two weeks is finally basically over. Man that was difficult. You know, you deserve a drink for getting through that, or at least a fun night out. The Brokelyn Events Calendar is full of ways to have one or the other or even both so that when you go in to work on Friday you can be properly hungover and get your Friday non-effort in perfectly.

You might think that once some art is made, that’s it, the art’s done and doesn’t have much left to offer. Don’t tell that to the collection of artists in Re-Animator, a new exhibit opening in Bay Ridge that’s focused on re-fashioning new art out of old art to breather a little life into it. And even if you’re lukewarm on art, don’t forget that art openings always have free wine and cheese and stuff, so just nod a lot as someone talks to you as you drink your third cup of free wine.
7pm, Bay Ridge Art Space, 509 Senator Street, Bay Ridge, FREE

Jermaine Fowler made a name for himself on shows like Guy Code and Friends of the People, but now he’s stepping off your TV screen and onto your stage. Well, not your stage, it’s actually the stage at Union Hall. Which isn’t raised too high as far as stages go, but don’t get hung up on that when you could just pay a small amount of money to see some great jokes.
8pm, Union Hall, 702 Union Street, Park Slope, $8

Just because New Year’s has come and gone doesn’t mean you should stop seeking out dance parties that go all night and could possibly incapacitate you the next day. For instance, there’s Q Train, Ditmas Park’s one and only queer dance party. You might have to work on Friday, but don’t let that stop you from playing bingo and drinking for a couple hours and then dancing and drinking for a few more hours. What else are you supposed to do with your hot, gym-going body now that you’re finally getting out there and working out like you always said you would?
8pm, Sycamore, 1118 Cortelyou Road, Ditmas Park, FREE

Storytelling has been a thing in Brooklyn for so long that someone was bound to come along and shake things up. And now someone has, with Take Two Storytelling, in which first a story is told the way it happened in horrible reality. After that though, the story is told the way the teller wished it had gone, or thinks it should have gone, allowing us to take refuge in sweet fantasy. After all, reality is usually just too damn disappointing.
7:30pm, C’mon Everybody, 325 Franklin Avenue, Bed-Stuy, FREE

Usually a first birthday is something adults can skip, because it’s not like a kid is even gonna remember turning one. However, when it’s a bar turning one, you should definitely come out and party, because things could get CRAZY. We’ve been a fan of Threes Brewing since they came on the scene one year ago, and now they’re celebrating being a craft beer spot/brewery for a full year with an evening of tastings and merriment with their friends and partners. That’s you, the friends half of the equation.
5pm, Threes Brewing, 333 Douglass Street, Gowanus, FREE

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