BK Top 5: The best things to do tonight, from drinking for true love to a live late night show

You have to chug when they kiss
You have to chug when they kiss

Woo yeah it’s Thursday, time to get crazy! Good thing there’s good stuff on the Brokelyn Events Calendar. Or I guess get as crazy as you’re comfortable with getting knowing full well that you have to drag yourself into your co-working space or office or wherever tomorrow due to the fact that Friday is still a day of the week that we all have to work. I know, it’s crap. Ask the president to fix him maybe. @ him on Twitter, he doesn’t have a lot on his plate. “Hey, @POTUS, make Friday part of the weekend, that’s #changewecanbelievein.”

Coffee and books, they go together like cocaine and poor decisions! And while I can’t point you in the direction of free coke, I can get you to some free coffee, which is being handed out at this book group at the Brooklyn Roasting Company. Today’s book talk is all about Miguel de Cervantes’ The Dialogue of the Dogs, which is the first talking dog story in Western literature according to the organizers. Cervantes is of course legendary, and without talking dogs we don’t get the dogs playing poker painting, so the influence of this book clearly can’t be overstated.
6pm, Brooklyn Roasting Company, 25 Jay Street, DUMBO, FREE

Missing a Princess Bride live performance/drinking game? Inconceivable! Of course, if you get that, you’ve seen The Princess Bride. The odds are though, that you haven’t seen it done as a live read through by actors who have to drink every time their character is named or specific words or phrases are said. You have to drink too, to really get in the spirit, not that I’d imagine you having a problem with that requirement. Anyone leaving this night sober? Inconceivable!
8pm, Littlefield, 622 Degraw Street, Gowanus, $10

Hey how about a little female empowerment in the realm of cinema kinda thing in your life? Yeah, I think that could be good for you. Also, since feminist film appreciation group The MUFF Society is showing the gender role smashing cult classic But I’m A Cheerleader, the night could be fun if you choose this. If you haven’t seen it, straitlaced cheerleader Natasha Lyonne is sent to a straight reeducation camp when her parents and friends suspect she’s gay, as you do in Nebraska. Hijinks and sexual confusion result, as they do. And as always, in addition to the movie, the MUFF Society will have a short film by a local filmmaker, a photobooth on hand and PRIZES.
9:30pm, Videology, 308 Bedford Avenue, Williamsburg, $7

What do you need if you’re going to be successful as a late night show host? You have to be funny, you have to be self-assured but most importantly, you have to be attractive. I can tell just by looking at the picture of him that Ikechukwu Ufomadu, or as he’s known on the marquee, “Ike,” has the attractive part down. According to the Wall Street Journal and Time Out New York, he’s got the charming and funny thing down. Oh! You need good guests for your show too, and he’s got those, with the likes of Ana Fabrega and Lorelei Ramirez joining him on stage tonight.
8pm, Over the Eight, 594 Union Avenue, Williamsburg, FREE

Well, Mad Men is dead and gone, with Don Draper having taken the long leap out the window that the show’s opening credits promised you. As it doesn’t look like there’s a Peggy-centric spinoff coming anytime soon, take tonight’s celebration of Matt Zoller Seitz’s book of Mad Men episode recaps, fun facts and trivia as your closest shot to reviving the TV show about those crazy ad executives whose lives we have a deeper understanding of than we do of our friends and family.
7pm, WORD, 126 Franklin Street, Greenpoint, FREE

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