BK Top 5: The best things going on tonight, from ‘Tank Girl’ to trash lessons

She’s here to teach you a lesson for making fun of the 90s

So, what are you doing this weekend? Got anything big planned? Oh wait, before you think about the answer to that, figure out what you’re doing tonight, since it just wouldn’t be right to forget all about Thursday. After all, it does so much for you, like uhhh…be the day before Friday. Which come think of it isn’t all that great. Still! Here’s some fun things to do that have been found on the Brokelyn Events Calendar, so go out and do one and make your Thursday a great one.

Ah, garbage. Where would New York City be without our wonderful, photogenic piles of trash? Seriously, like a quarter of this city is freaking landfill. Learn all about how the New York City garbage we all love to know gets taken care of as author Robin Nagle, who embedded herself with the DSNY for her book Picking Up, chats with a panel of DSNY employees.
6:30pm, Brooklyn Historical Society, 128 Pierrepoint Street, Brooklyn Heights, $10

Do you want to do something responsible on a weeknight like not going to this crazy Afrobeat, reggae and rock dance party or do you want to do the opposite of something responsible and go to one of this? The opposite, right? Your job is lucky you go in at all on a Friday, so going in with tinnitus and a hangover isn’t much worse.
8pm, The Paper Box, 17 Meadow Street, Bushwick, $10

Will the apocalypse be funny? Well, there’s different theories on that and no one can be completely sure, but the comedy duo that makes up Good Cop Great Cop certainly think so, and they made a whole web series about it, New Timers, that Comedy Central picked up. So, since their apocalypse theory has the TV backing yours doesn’t, check out the second season premiere and look for other great comedy folks like Emmy Blotnick, Joe Pera, Jerr O’Connell and Jim Norton popping up in this end of days scenario.
7:30pm, The Bell House, 149 7th Street, Gowanus, $10

Of course, you might want your apocalypse scenario with a little more girl power and a lot more guns. In that case, head this screening of bizarre 90s comic book adaptation Tank Girl for all the high-powered weaponry and human/kangaroo fucking you can handle. That’s all great on it’s own, and that’s before mentioning the free crap and Tank Girl prizes that are set to be given away as well.
9:30pm, Videology, 308 Bedford Avenue, Williamsburg, $5

I don’t mean to be insulting when I say this, for once, but the odds are pretty good that you didn’t get invited to some big deal Fashion Week show. That’s alright, I didn’t either. While the fashion powers that be might be able to keep you from attending the big uh…Armani show (?), they can’t keep you from attending Queer Fashion Week because it’s held right here in Brooklyn’s very own museum. And not only can you watch people strut down the runway in fashions devised by gender noncorming designers who confront fashion’s assumptions head-on at this show, you can even get some style tips at how-to presentations that’ll have you looking like a damn model yourself in no time.
6pm, Brooklyn Museum, 200 Eastern Parkway, Prospect Heights, $16 suggested admission

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