BK Top 5: The best things to do tonight, from asses to emo

Butts butts butts butts or sad sad sad sad, your choice
Butts butts butts butts or sad sad sad sad, your choice

You made it to Friday! Congratulations! Sadly, no one will throw you a parade, even if you feel like you deserve it. You can’t even throw yourself one, because this isn’t New Orleans. On the other hand, the Brokelyn Events Calendar is full of great ways to have fun now that the week is over, and we picked the five best things happening today, just for you.

Did you miss the first Asslands? Well you’re in luck, because the dance party focused on all things butts is back for another undulating go at it. So, get your fill of music devoted to asses, butts, rear ends, heinies and yoga pants, and of course be sure to wear something that shows off your tuchus.
10pm, Cameo Gallery, 93 North 6th Street, Williamsburg, $10

Forget what certain grumpy New York Post columnists have to say about adults being too childlike in this day and age: Big Hero 6 is superhero kid’s movie, but it’s also delightful, fun and really well animated. Plus, you get to watch the adventure of a boy and his robot in a botanical garden, which will undoubtedly be pretty.
8:30pm, Narrows Botanical Garden, 7200 – 7398 Shore Road, Bay Ridge, FREE

Why celebrate just one movie from the 80s about the power of SCIENCE when you can celebrate two of them at once, at a dance party? That must be what the curators of this fine-sounding evening thought, as they put together a trivia and music video dance party night based entirely around Weird Science and Real Genius, and if you ask yourself the same question this is probably the night for you.
9pm, Gemini & Scorpio Loft, address with RSVP, Gowanus, $10

Look, far be it from me to get on my high horse (again) and start ranting about you kids and your dang nostalgia. Especially for emo, which is a thing I didn’t even get when I was young. That being said, people loved emo, maybe you did, so go revel in your emo loving ways and shout along to Blink-182 and Yellowcard and the like with other emo fans. Even if I’m judging a little bit, it’s alright, I don’t matter in the long run.
11:30pm, Brooklyn Bowl, 61 Wythe Avenue, Williamsburg, $8

It’s summer and that means you should really be getting outside. The thing is, you also love video games. Just combine those passions tonight in DUMBO as it gets transformed into a giant arcade game. Well, not a literal arcade game, it’s more like a variety games that are arcade game-like but they’re all happening in real life. Get out of the apartment, it’s good for you.
7pm, Manhattan Bridge Archway Plaza, Water Street between Anchorage Street and Adams Street, FREE

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