Bike the branches and 13 other weekend ideas

Get on your bike and ride. Photo by Dimitry Gudkov
Get on your bike and ride. Photo by Dimitry Gudkov

1. It’s Greenpoint Gallery Night, so check out all the art they’ve been making up there. Or just wait until you see it on Girls (Friday)

2. In order to prove that Bushwick does in fact, rock, Brooklyn Fireproof invites you to their concert series, Bushwick Rock City (Friday)

3. Nerds + party = AWESOME, or at least that’s what the promo materials for Attack of the Party Nerds claim. But a bunch of nerds probably wrote them (Friday)

4. Punk rock karaoke will allow you to live out your dream of being Johnny Thunders, but without the crippling heroin addiction. But really, where’s the fun in that? (Friday)

5. Have you signed up for Bike the Branches yet? Sign up for Bike the Branches! (Saturday)

6. Speaking of bikes, you can also get your fill of bikes and bike accessories at the Brooklyn Bike Jumble (Saturday)

7. Or if you don’t want to buy bike stuff, you can also buy some African diaspora-inspired art (Saturday)

8. Pine Box Rock Shop’s vegan pop-up shop is back and they’re celebrating the end of the school year. yeah! Let’s flip over some desks! (Saturday)

9. You can hit up an art show in Red Hook… (Saturday)

10. …or an adult prom, if you need even more prom-related disappointment in your life (Saturday)

11. Funny people reading novelizations of not very good movies: never not funny (Saturday)

12. It’s Mother’s Day weekend, so consult our handy guide for ways to make mom happy that don’t involve giving her grandkids (Saturday, Sunday)

13. We were under the assumption that doing yoga and then housing a bunch of barbecue were two things that should not be done back-to-back, but the Living Gallery would like to prove otherwise (Sunday)

14. See how beautiful twelve Brooklynites are on the inside, and then vote for the most physically attractive one, at the Second Annual Inner Beauty Pageant (Sunday)

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