Mother’s Day is Sunday! Here’s how to show ma a good time

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If those not-so-subtle emails from your mother with links to Kindle covers haven’t tipped you off yet, this Sunday is Mother’s Day, and it would probably behoove you to do something nice for the woman who birthed you, lest she spend the rest of the year reminding you she didn’t even get a sappy Hallmark card from you. Luckily, there are lots of things going on in Brooklyn this weekend, so if your loving matriarch’s headed over to these parts, you can celebrate her in style. Here are a few ideas.

THE BROOKLYN MUSEUM: All week long, the Brooklyn Museum’s hosting a special Mother’s Day sale at their very hip gift shop, where you can snag fancy jewelry from William Morris designer Cynthia Gale. Earrings, bracelets and necklaces are 20 percent off, with typical retail prices running from $44 to $142. If you take Mom along to pick out something nice, consider taking her to the Sackler Center for Feminist Art, where Judy Collins’ installation, The Dinner Party, features colorful (and, er, vaginal) place-settings for important female figures from history. 200 Eastern Parkway, Crown Heights

BROOKLYN WINERY: Brunch is a big deal on Mother’s Day, and it’s always nice to take your mother out for a Sunday feast (or have your mother take you out but get points for picking the spot). The Brooklyn Winery in Williamsburg is offering a special brunch for moms in their atrium from 11:30am to 4pm. this Sunday; for $25, you get a prix-fixe meal including a bread basket, entree, coffee/tea and special breakfast pastries, plus they’ve got lots of cocktails to choose from if you want to add a little booze to your mom meal. 213 N. 8th Street, Williamsburg

STINKY BROOKLYN: For a more DIY Mother’s Day, Cobble Hill cheese shop Stinky’s got cheese, meat and combo platters for assorted prices. They run $45 to $100, but a small size serves 10-15 people, if it’s just you and the family you should be all set. You can also send Mom a basket, snack pack or fondue set  if you won’t see her on Sunday, but still want to get her something Brooklyn-ey. 215 Smith Street, Cobble Hill

GREEN-WOOD CEMETERY: Maybe a cemetery trip isn’t the most traditional way to celebrate Mother’s Day, but this Saturday the Green-Wood Historic Society’s hosting a special trolley and walking tour celebrating the women buried there. For $15 ($10 for members), you can take your mother to the graves of important female figures like abolitionist Abigail Hopper Gibbons and Susan McKinney, the first Afrian-American female doctor in the state, all led by guide and historian Ruth Edebohls. Willow Avenue, Greenwood

BABELAND: Okay, this one’s probably for the new (non-breast feeding) moms out there, since we know you don’t want to take the woman who changed your diapers to any place that sells sex toys. To pregame Mother’s Day this Saturday, Babeland in Park Slope is offering a free whiskey-drinking-and-sex-tips event starting at 6pm. The event features, well, whiskey and sex tips, plus the first 10 guests get free toys to take home.

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