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Better ways to use the $146 you will spend on Valentine’s Day

You spent all your money on THAT? Pic via Reddit

How much money did you start today with? How much will you have by the time this ewwy gooey lurve fest is over? If you’re an average New Yorker, you’ll have dropped $146.30 on Valentine’s Day this year, according to a study from the National Retail Federation. That includes the $22.71 you’ll be spending on candy and $38.65 on flowers, with the rest, we assume, going to your White Castle dinner date and that big 99 cent lube shopping trip. Seems like too much money to be dropping on a fake holiday that’s made up by blah blah corporations blah blah Hallmark, especially when you consider what else that money could buy. Team Brokelyn has some recommendations on better ways to spend today:

$146 will also buy you:

22 chipotle burritos
219 cans of Simpler Times
A stuffed tote for contributing to the BushwickBK Kickstarter campaign

584 dumplings each from this $1 for 4 dumpling place in Borough Park

19 DVD copies of “Love Actually.” Alternatively, you could opt for 18 copies of “The Hangover.”

2 hours of bowling and shoe rentals plus a pitcher of beer maybe some snacks plus tip, at Brooklyn Bowl (sorry, I am at work and this is all I think about).

27 bahn mi from Hanco’s (if you have a sandwich card, every 10th one is free)
A cheap Kindle and anywhere from 25-50 ebooks.
146 grateful homeless people
2 impressed homeless people
or 1 ecstatic homeless person who might get suspicious about your motives.

buy yourself some truffles, as much as that will buy. Or a huge spread of cheese and charcuterie from Bedford Cheese shop (I don’t know why i’m a 60 year old English woman).

-$146 worth of 30-percent-off bestsellers at Book Court

-146 individual packs of Justin’s peanut butter
-Sarah Bibi

The Sex and the City box set on Amazon for $119.99. Along with a 26-dollar bottle of tequila to take a shot
of every time Carrie makes a pun.
29.2 cans of Lionshead and 29.2 whiskey shots from DuckDuck.
292 bagels from the Bagel Smith at Lorimer and Union.
-Arielle Dachille

2 mezzanine tickets to Book of Mormon on Broadway (69.00 X 2)
-Rachel Sugar

To me that’s at least five tickets to shows at The Music Hall of Williamsburg, and I would spend the rest of the money on pre-show $3 beers at The Abbey.

What else you got?

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