Enter GIPHY’s Halloween GIF contest with your spookiest looping creations

If watching scary movies on the big screen isn’t enough to get you your Halloween fix, then consider making your own: In partnership with Animation Block Party, meme tycoon GIPHY is looking for the scariest, most blood-curdling or sheerly absurd Halloween GIFs on the internet.

If you like making memes, boast a solid Vine following or just appreciate a good story told via short-form looping image, then this is your chance to “get spooky, scary, creepy, and kooky with your GIF-making” in service of everyone’s favorite haunted holiday. 

GIPHY and Animation Block Party will host a festival screening on October 26 at Brooklyn Bazaar. If your GIF makes the cut, it could show up onscreen, and you’ll be entered to win a mysterious prize pack, items from which will be announced over the next couple of months.


erma fiend animation horror scary surreal

It’s easy to submit. All you’ve gotta do to enter is create a GIPHY account, upload a Halloween-themed GIF of your own creation (so no GIFs that are just murder scenes from already-made movies, duh) and tag it “GIFOWEEN.”

If you search the tag, you can see what other folks have submitted. As evidenced by the pulsating creation above and the submissions so far, this contest is especially friendly to folks with any aptitude in graphic design. But it isn’t necessary. You could also film some kind of GIF sequel to that stalking cat, stitch together scary movie deaths to create an original murder mosaic, type scary words, I don’t know. You’re the expert.

Good luck! And just think, this may launch you into the kind of meme celebrity success that earns you a nomination at the short-form internet video Academy Awards, which we’re sure will be a thing in the next five years.

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