Friendship interrogations, and 14 other free things to do this week

Friendships will tested
Friendships will tested

1. Everyone loves the entitled, so go hear humorist Simon Rich read from his short story collection Spoiled Brats. (Monday)

2. Brooklyn Public Philosophers is discussing the moral importance of humanity, intellectual disability, and the role of literature in moral reasoning. (Monday)

3. Videology’s Local Filmmakers Showcase presents Screeners, a look at the funniest webseries out there. (Monday)

4. Get in some passive-aggressive laughs in honor of everyone’s favorite meal at Public Frenemies: Brunch Special. (Monday)

5. For goodness sake go get your flu shot. (Tuesday)

6. Get some free comedy, pizza, and denial that summer’s over at Summer Camp. (Wednesday)

7. Bring Le Noize at Macri Park’s new karaoke night. (Wednesday)

8. Peep into the inner lives of artists with the works at Trestle Gallery’s Treasure Trove. (Wednesday)

9. Theo Ellsworth’s signing copies of his latest comic book at the release party for The Understanding Monster Book Two. (Thursday)

10. Show off your big fancy brain at Three Jolly Pigeons’ trivia night Spielberg? More like SPOILberg. (Thursday)

11. Jackknife Comedy at Brooklyn Colony features a bunch of comics set on making you giggle. (Thursday)

12. Ol’ Dirty Bastard’s right-hand man Buddha Monk talks about his book, The Dirty Version: On Stage, in the Studio, and in the Streets with Ol’ Dirty Bastard at Restoration Plaza. Shame on you if you…miss this. (Thursday)

13. Sometimes It’s Hard to Be a Woman uses fashion to explore the issues of domestic violence. (Friday)

14. Learn about Joan of Arc , that French girl who accomplished more before her 19th birthday than any of us ever will, at BookCourt. (Friday)

15. See some friendships put to the test (before a live audience!) at Are You My Best Friend? (Friday)

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