Deep breaths everyone, your beer hall is coming. via Facebook

Berg’n Beer Hall has finally announced they’ll be opening August 27, according to Grub Street. They’ve had a number of delays which have caused countless meltdowns among beer hall-deprived Crown Heights residents, so we’re happy to see the neighborhood’s collective blood pressure stabilize.

The artisinal lovechild of Brooklyn Flea and Smorgasburg, Berg’n will fill the 9,000-square-foot former garage at 899 Bergen Street with a 40-foot antique bar, a range of locally-brewed beer, and food from Mighty Quinn’s, Pizza Moto Slice Shop, Asia Dog, and Ramen Burger. Berg’n will have something called ramen churros, and while we can define those two words separately, we have no clue what they have to do with each other. If you’re torn between a ramen churro and and a ramen burger though, just remember we’ve already taught you how to make a ramen burger so you can skip that line.

We’re happy to see the sheer panic ignited by a delayed beer hall being allayed, and we’re also glad it’ll be open in the morning, so you’ll have a place to get Dough doughnuts on your way to your morning rave.

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