Behold, the barge that will house the Brooklyn Barge Bar

brooklyn barge bar
Nice barge. via Facebook

Since we’ve been writing about the Brooklyn Barge Bar, the crazy/great idea to have a floating bar in Greenpoint, all we’ve had to look at are computerized renderings, which are only so exciting. Finally though, the bar has shown off the seafaring vessel we’ll be drinking on sometime this summer. Yes, right above this paragraph, there is the barge you’ll be drinking on in it’s non-bar form. We asked general manager Will Drawbridge if he could tell us about the barge and he was happy to oblige.

According to Drawbridge, before the barge was chosen to be a floating bar, it lived the life of a “working barge for a variety of things from music festivals to construction,” up and down the Hudson River. And while the angle of the picture makes it a little tough to see just how big the thing is, Drawbridge told us that the boat measures 30 feet by 85 feet, with 9 feet of room below deck, so you’re not gonna be bumping into kegs and liquor boxes stored on the deck. Which is nice. And keeping in the spirit of not being washed away by rising oceans any sooner than we have to be, Drawbridge said that the barge has been designed to be maximally efficient and have a smaller carbon footprint than your normal, non-floating bar or restaurant.

While there’s still no firm date for opening, Drawbridge did tell us that there’s “a family-friendly event for the 4th of July” in the works that involves having to coordinate with the police AND the fire department, which has us hoping for fireworks. In the mean time, you can distract yourself with the menu, which has things like hot dogs ($3), burgers ($10), falafel burgers ($10), cocktails that top out at $10 and beer options for $7 per draft or bottle and even a bucket of beer for $36. Finally, drinking out of a bucket of beers while floating on the water can be a reality.

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