The Brooklyn Barge Bar got a liquor license, aiming to open in mid-June

brooklyn barge bar
Now with liquor! via Brooklyn Barge Bar

A little while back, we told you about one man’s dream to dock a floating barge bar on the shores of Greenpoint. Then for a long time, nothing happened, as the Community Board advised the SLA to deny the barge bar’s liquor license and asked questions like “WTF?” and “Will drunk people fall off this thing?” Fortunately for anyone who’s always wanted to drink on the Greenpoint waterfront but not out of a paper bag, the SLA has decided that the barge bar can have a full liquor license.

According to Gothamist, the Brooklyn Barge Bar was able to win State Liquor Authority approval for their full liquor license, which will allow them to serve all manner of beer and liquor. Proprietor Will Drawbridge told the site that the bar is planning on a selection of local craft beers and liquor, and thanked the community of Greenpoint for their support in getting the liquor license as opposed to the opaque and mysterious nature of the SLA.

In addition to the previously mentioned kayaking opportunities for bar patrons, the Brooklyn Barge Bar will also be offering fishing and sailing programs to the community, so please don’t get caught in a fishing line while you’re there. Drawbridge told Gothamist that he’s hoping to get the barge up and running and ready to serve food and booze to patrons by mid-June, so look for the first instance of someone who’s had a bit too much “trying to kayak to Red Hook” by July at the latest.

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