Take to the sea! Barge bar opening on Greenpoint waterfont in May

brooklyn barge bar
Someday soon, it won’t be just a cartoon. via DNA Info/Brooklyn Barge Bar

Ah, drinking on the Greenpoint waterfront’s crumbling piers. It’s a nice thing to do when the weather wants to play along, except for the fact that you’re technically not allowed to do that. How else are you supposed to take in the cool views it offers though? One enterprising man has figured out that you could do that if you were in a bar that floated in the East River, so he’s opening one on a barge next to Transmitter Park and calling it the Brooklyn Barge Bar according to DNA Info and Bedford + Bowery. Not that drinking on the crumbling piers still won’t be an option after this place is open.

The bar is being opened by Will Drawbridge, which is the kind of name you can’t do anything with but open a floating bar somewhere. The plan is to open the bar, which will also serve food ranging from $4 fries to $23 steak, on May 1 and keep it open through Halloween. So kind of like a Gowanus Yacht Club for the previously yacht club-starved residents of North Brooklyn. Drawbridge told DNA Info that he wants to add a kayak storage area, which will make for some sweet drunk kayaking after you’ve had three or four whiskeys.

Worried about falling off the side of the barge/bar and falling into the gross and angry East River which will carry you away forever? Drawbridge told Bedford + Bowery that with 18 years of experience at a floating bar in Chelsea, he’s the kind of guy who can make sure that doesn’t happen. Still, we recommend being careful and staying away from the edges, just in case.

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