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Bed-Stuy beatdown avoided, but questions remain

Gentrifier trap?

Last Thursday, we brought you the story of the world’s most tone deaf do-gooder. Casting themselves and gentrification by way of espresso as a force for good, our mystery blogger invited one and all to a pop-up espresso shop in Bed-Stuy. We couldn’t pass up the opportunity to speak to this coffee clown, so on Saturday, I rode down Patchen Avenue to where it meets up with Sumpter Street, not quite knowing what to expect.

What I found was an empty lot, next to a boarded up house and across the street from the projects. There was no evidence that any coffee shop had popped up, but there was also no gang of kids waiting to pounce on me. So, small blessings where you can take them.

Perfect for budding Marlo Stanfield-types

Still, we have to stop and ask why. Why the fake, anger-inducing blog post? Just for a quick laugh? It was so much effort, with the map and the address picked out in a perfect area to scare the bejeezus out of potential gentrifiers. So we’re left asking the same thing we asked on Thursday: who are you, mystery blogger, and what’s your game?


    • Sorry Pete, definitely don’t mean to rag on Bed-Stuy. But in the context of this strangeness, the boarded up house with was just too spot-on of a creepy detail.

  1. timdonnelly

    It was actually just originally going to be an espresso shop painted on the side of a cliff. Sucker gentrifiers would have run right into it, allowing a coyote wearing a bat suit to come along and pick their wallets.

  2. PopUp Cafe

    Hi Dave,

    We were just forwarded this. Unfortunately, we had to relocate due to the owner of the “scary” lot not arriving, leaving us without power to create our espressos. The use of such lot was to highlight the neglected areas of under utilization. There are many of these in that area of BedStuy.

    Overall, the event did turn out well, despite the best efforts of many of the commentators here, on our blog, and apparently on “Reddit”.

    It was discouraging how many responded to our efforts, especially the blind assumptions of our background/motivations. Such blind assumptions that keep areas in conflict for years. I encourage anyone to come out, meet us, see us face to face, and see how ridiculous you all will look with your pitchforks.

    We beat our fundraising goals for the day, and engaged in the most lively conversation I’ve had here to date. It was truly a testament to what this community is capable of when it has an issue worth caring about.

    Riding the momentum, we have our next event tentatively scheduled for Friday, October 26th at a BedStuy location TBA.

    To get in spirit we plan to serve Pumpkin Spice Lattes. A latte is basically the same thing we served last time, with a bit of steamed milk to enjoy (we will have accommodations for the lactose intolerant).

    If you have an area that you feel could benefit from our injection of hope, please let us know. In addition, if you are interested in volunteering in upcoming events, feel free to write us.

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