What is Beastanetics??? Find out for free next week

Beastanetics in action.

If you’ve finally realized that winter didn’t come at all, but you still ate and sat around sluggishly like it was winter, you’re not alone. (The group meeting’s over here!)

We all know the best way to burn serious calories is by paying an instructor to force you, through shame or otherwise. Starting next Monday, broke people can get hot and fit (hotter and fitter?) too. Tim Haft, creator of Punk Rope — which has its roots at the Greenpoint YMCA —  is offering boot camp classes he calls “Beastanetics.” And since I’m writing about it, it’s obviously free.

Beastanetics is a high intensity interval-training program, which means you get fitter faster and don’t have to spend two hours on the elliptical cursing your fondness for carbs. (Wussies be warned: one of the benefits the founder touts is “mental toughness.”) From March 26-29, Tim will be offering two free 55-minute boot camp classes at McCarren Park’s artificial turf soccer field. Classes will be each day at 8 and 9:30 a.m. Lest any sort of boot camp terrify you, the rave reviews on Yelp attest to a positive, inclusive atmosphere as well as challenging and fun exercises. After the freebie week, Tim will be starting an 8-week long Beastanetics course and occasional $20 drop-in classes. For more information and to get your butt in action, visit

Anyone want to be my accountabilibuddy for one of these classes?


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