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Be a co-working Beast every Friday at The Lunchbox

Work alone...together. Via Facebook.
Work alone…together. Via Facebook.

Remember when you first started working from home? You thought it was the ideal setup and envisioned yourself waking up to greet your laptop, lounging pantsless in your living room, or lying on your stomach typing cheerily away about the latest whatever. Instead, your reality is much more bleak. You wander listlessly around your apartment, drinking entire pots of French press coffee and staring blankly at your computer screen. You haven’t talked to anyone in days. Luckily for you, things may be changing, thanks to Beast, where every Friday they hold The Lunchbox, a free co-working group for queers.

Co-working space in Brooklyn is relatively abundant but expensive, so finding a free place to do it is always a plus. Known for their bomb-ass brunch, Beast has the hook-up for food and coffee for about $10, but most importantly they also have two-for-one bloody marys. They run from 11am-4pm, which may not be quite a full business day for you but will definitely serve as an adequate excuse to step out of your apartment before cabin fever sets in.

Like many LGBT projects, The Lunchbox is about building community (like, in addition to getting work done or whatever). Instead of being shut indoors all day, The Lunchbox gives “queer freelancers, students, and business-types” an opportunity to come out (get it?) and meet each other, possibly resulting in unstoppable gay synergy and partnerships (both business and civil). In addition to chilling in the public space, those looking for a more private setting to hold meetings have access to a separate space.

You can bring your own lunch if you like, vegan and gluten-free options are available, wi-fi is free, and unlike your apartment, there’s air conditioning.

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