The Way Station is showing tonight’s Late Show with Stephen Colbert premiere

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Until he read this profile, he didn’t know he was hosting. via Instagram

Despite the fact that we all watch late night take shows on YouTube these days, anticipation for Stephen Colbert’s Late Show has been building for months. You might be one of those people curious to see how Colbert does with the show, but like so many other lousy Millennials, don’t own a television. Quit looking around for an unauthorized streaming site or a very specific torrent and get yourself to Prospect Heights instead, because The Way Station (683 Washington Avenue) is showing the first episode in this potential new era of late night TV.

The bar tweeted that they’d be showing the premiere episode of The Late Show with Stephen Colbert, and their website also mentions that after the music, their big screen will be given over to the late night antics on CBS tonight at 11:35pm. So, even if you’re TV-free, you can see if Stephen Colbert gets off to a great start or if he stumbles and paves the way for Jay Leno somehow taking over hosting duties by Halloween.

Tonight’s show will hope to circumvent that with pure star power, as handsome movie guy and husband to Amal Alamuddin George Clooney and Jeb “Jeb!” Bush are the first two people in 10 years to be interviewed by Stephen Colbert and not “Stephen Colbert.” The only downside to this episode is that it isn’t the one with the Run The Jewels/TV On The Radio crossover, but we can see why the show wouldn’t want to fire off that round on their very first episode.

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