Bay Ridge vintage shop will give entire store to a non-profit that asks

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This and so, so much more can be yours, if you run a 501 (c)3!

We know that some of you Brokelyn readers are a solid bunch, who do selfless work for non-profits, so we came across something that could be very much of interest to you. A vintage store in Bay Ridge is donating the contents of their entire store to whatever certified 501 (c)3 comes asking. Seriously, that picture above doesn’t even come close to everything your organization can receive.

We’ve reached out to the store for comment, but for now all you need to know is that when they say everything, they mean everything. Here’s what you can look forward to doing something with if indeed you are a charity:

21 dresses
21 pants and jeans
14 skirts
11 jackets
20 coats
11 sweaters
21 necklaces
9 earrings
11 bracelets
32 pairs of shoes and boots
assorted belts
a basket of hats

A basket of hats! Plus, along with that, they’re giving away all the physical fixtures of the store like chairs, lights and the cash register. What you’ll do with a cash register is beyond us, but everything else sounds like it could be a pretty good haul for basically any non-profit that works with actual humans in need. That, or you guys will be the most fashionable goddamn non-profit staff on the face of the Earth.

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