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Bay Ridge locals fear skinny jeans, flannel will bring the noise

Sound Garden: defunct neighborhood locksmith to be converted to beer garden, The Lock Yard. Photo via The Brooklyn Paper.
Sound Garden: Will the Lock Yard be too noisy for the neighborhood? Photo via The Brooklyn Paper.

Bay Ridge’s first beer garden is slated to open this June, and somewhat unsurprisingly, local residents are not happy about it. The Brooklyn Paper reports that the now-defunct Bridgeview Locksmith on Fifth Avenue and 92nd street will soon be converted into the Lock Yard, the latest watering hole brought to you by Tommy Casatelli, owner of the Kettle Black and Ho’Brah Taco Joint. And while Casatelli has expressed excitement over creating an Americana-themed outdoor microbrewery, Bay Ridge residents anticipate something far more sinister. And by sinister, they mean skinny, drunk and overeducated.

Bay Ridge residents are worried about noise levels, which, admittedly, is pretty legitimate. No one likes loud drunk people. No matter where they’re from, no matter how old they are or what their choice of attire is. No one likes them, except, of course, other loud drunk people. But Ridgites’ concern seems to go beyond those few inevitable moments of drunk girls running into the streets to get a taxi and more along the lines of another damn hipster panic.

One angry resident expressed horror at Williamsburg and Park Slope types coming to the neighborhood, as if they’ll all be blasting Bon Iver from boom boxes slung over their shoulders while shouting loudly about Jonathan Franzen literature and waxing their mustaches (even the women). Another worried about a drop in property values, which is admittedly a new tack to take, as opposed to “these jerks will price us out of our homes.”  Either way, the bar is going to open, given that Community Board 10 voted in favor of granting a liquor license. Although if internet tough guys in the comments section of the Brooklyn Paper story are to be believed, no one who goes there will make it out alive.


  1. Have the “Ridgers” seen and heard all the loud fights and brawls that happen outside The Salty Dog and The Blue Zoo? Are they totally accepting of that nonsense yet are a little scared of someplace new opening? Give me a beer garden any day over one of those wrecks filled with wanna be tough guys.

    • This. You really cannot complain when a fight factory like the Salty Dog exists.

      Also, the place where they are opening isn’t even that residential. That is roughly where 4th and 5th avenues collide; it is flanked by a medical services building, a kfc, and a staples.

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