Bathe in the Purple Rain, 14 other sexy weekend ideas

He wants YOU to come get sex with him

1. Get a look at some actual manufacturing in Brooklyn at a tour of the Ice Stone Factory at the Navy Yard. Don’t worry, they make nice things out of recycled glass, not ice (Friday)

2. The Graham is hosting what they’re calling an eltectroswing speakeasy, which sounds like a completely insane mashup of things, but then, that’s why you moved here, right? (Friday)

3. On a more traditional note, you could also stick with what you know and hit up a 90s R&B sing-along at Union Hall. Yes, that counts as “more traditional” these days (Friday)

4. It’s the first Robyn party of 2014 at Glasslands, and you’re gonna have to call your girlfriend with a pretty good excuse if you make her dance on her own at it (Friday)

5. Head down to the Aviator Center, because not only is there a chili festival, said chili festival has ostrich chili! (Saturday)

6. Green-Wood Cemetery is doing a baseball-themed tour of all their dead and buried baseball greats, and if that’s not a harbinger of spring, baseball and all that is good, we don’t know what is (Saturday)

7. Brooklyn clothing line Monkey Face Apparel is having a fundraiser for their Kickstarter, and even if you hate clothing, there’s free food and also a DJ. So something for everyone (Saturday)

8. Help the Comic Book Legal Defense Fund by bidding on comic books, art and gift certificates at The Diamond. Because come on, let’s stand up for comic books (Saturday)

9. Videology has always wanted to see you laughing in the purple rain, so to that end, they’ve got  Prince-party and  Purple Rain screening (Saturday)

10. TBA Brooklyn is hosting a dance party to welcome spring called U R NOT ALONE, because we assume they mean U R NOT ALONE in wishing winter dead forever (Saturday)

11. Or you can dance at the Disco Fiesta party at the Paper Box, which will have a catwalk there for an audience runway walk-off, so people can finally call you on your shit about being a former model (Saturday)

12. If your writing is painfully unfunny and you’d like it to be painfully funny, you could do maybe improve it by going to a Gotham Writers humor writing workshop at WORD (Sunday)

13. Did you miss out on the live Game of Thrones event at Barclays? That’s OK, because Halyards is screening the show all damn day in anticipation of next week’s season premiere (Sunday)

14. Of course, you might (think you) already know everything about GoT, so in that case, go win some Game of Thrones trivia at Over the Eight (Sunday)

15. Spectacle has a short documentary about breasts and another longer one about strangers hanging out and fulfilling each other’s fantasies. Because The Church be damned, your Sundays should be sexy (Sunday)

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