Bed Stuy/ Bushwick

Bars We Love: Get lost walking in the Heavy Woods!

Heavy Woods

Heavy Woods
50 Wyckoff Ave., at Willoughby Ave.
(929) 234-3500

What is it: A new addition to the Jefferson Stop bar lineup, this whiskey haven is walled with windows, but not in a new condo in Williamsburg way. The windows resting above the wood walls are quite magical and give this lodge-like bar a bit of abandoned warehouse charm.

Why we love it: They have a great selection of beer. They also have different events from Pumpkin Carving Contests to Russian Dance Nights – which I’m hoping is a night where they just play t.A.T.u. over and over again.

Who to bring: Lovers of whiskey and beer. And lovers in general.

What to order: Wednesday through Sunday you can grab some New Orlean’s food brought in from Tchoup Shop. Pair this with any of their 14 craft beers or some whiskey; they have a lot of whiskey.

Heavy Woods fun fact: Heavy Woods is a translation of Bushwick’s Dutch name, “boswijck.”

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