Bars We Love: Fire walk with Alaska!

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35 Ingraham St. (Bogart & Morgan)

What is it: This spacious, Twin Peaks-loving dive didn’t let something silly like “a big fire” stop them, bouncing back as if nothing ver happened. Alaska offers a well-stocked and eclectic bar with tap beers ranging from the damn cheap and damn tasty $4 Narragansett to slightly less inexpensive selected IPAs and stouts from local breweries and bastions of quality such as the Victory Brewing Company.

Why we love it: The interior and ambience are incredibly removed from the gritty exterior and the (for now) industrial wasteland of the surrounding blocks; walk inside and you’re greeted by lots of wood finishings, vermillion stag head wall paper and animal heads mounted on the walls. It toes a balanced line between kitsch and garish and lands instead on a laid back and rustic vibe. This is complimented by the always friendly and efficient staff and the great music (provided by DJs Thursday-Saturday) which will soundtrack instead of sabotage your conversations.

Who to bring: On slower nights, someone to play footsie with in a booth or to get close on the couch. On Alaska’s wilder, party nights, your friend you’d like to get over a break-up or a slump.

What to order: The $6 beer and shot combination which gets you a Modelo and a Tullamore Dew, Bushmills or Jameson . . . can’t go far wrong with that. If beer and whiskey are not what you’re feeling on the night and you want something a little different for your taste buds then sate your curiosity with a bourbon milkshake or any one of the unique cocktails on the menu.

Alaska fun fact: Out to prove just how damn good of a DJ you are? Alaska hosts a “Bring Your Own Vinyl” night ever fourth Tuesday of the month, so if the party’s not rocking…it could be your fault.

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