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Bars We Love: The beer Valhalla that is Brooklyn Brewery

brooklyn brewery
The picture even kind of makes it look like Heaven. via Brooklyn Brewery

Brooklyn Brewery
North 11th Street

What it is: Brooklyn Brewery’s official tasting room. With eight to ten beers on tap and uber-friendly bartenders, it’s a place that gets loud but definitely not rowdy.

Why we love it: With its camp-style seating, the bar is unpretentious at its best- sit down, drink and be merry. With no food except for snack ‘ums like Peanut Brittle you can order out and tell the delivery guy to just bring it in to you. Or you can just nosh on a pie from the pizza truck outside. People have even been known to bring in cakes for birthdays.

Who to bring: Beer snobs who can’t get enough of the iconic beer makers.

What to order: Regulars like Indian Pale Ale and limited runs like Dark and Twisted, a chocolate pretzel flavored beer that will be available only this winter. The kegs are always changing though, so expect surprises!

Brooklyn Brewery Fun Fact: The Brooklyn Brewery logo was designed by Milton Glaser. The same guy who designed the iconic “I Heart New York” logo.

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