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If there’s one thing we’re always looking for you here at Brokelyn, it’s bargains. Bargains for food, bargains for drinks, for the two of them put together and bargains for places to live. Boy, have we come across one for you today. What if we told you that you could live in a house built by a member of the Mafia that has beautiful waterfront views, a pool, four bedrooms, eight bathrooms, two boat slips and a gate, and that you can get it for fifty percent less than it originally went for? Well obviously you’d probably like that, but what if “fifty percent off” in this context meant the house still cost $17 million? Oh what, not into discounts anymore?

The price reduction was spotted by Curbed, who previously saw the Mill Basin mansion/complex going for $30 million just a little over a year ago. Now, obviously you and your friends are all putting your change jars together to see if you can combine them to qualify for a downpayment, but we think maybe you should stick it out just a little longer.

After all, it’s gonna take some time for Mill Basin to be named an up-and-coming neighborhood now that Bay Ridge has, so in the mean time, we don’t see why this house won’t get 50 percent cheaper again next year and then the year after that. Which means by 2016 it’ll only run you $4.25 million, so if the ocean hasn’t swallowed us all by then, that will be your time to strike.

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