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The Saint Catherine has two-for-one brunch cocktails now

The Saint Catherine
Why have one Lillet Rose when you could have two? via The Saint Catherine

Our love for The Saint Catherine is well-established, what with the a whole post declaring it loudly. Still, there’s always room to love a place more, especially if they do something like make it much easier for you to drink your weekend away. And what do you know, The Saint Catherine is doing that, with an email they sent alerting us to the fact that they’re offering two-for-one specials on their brunch cocktails starting this weekend.

According to the email, the two-for-one deal will apply to anyone having brunch sitting at the bar during Saturday and Sunday brunches (10:30am to 3pm), starting this Saturday. It applies to all of the brunch cocktails they’ve got, like your traditional Bloody Marys and mimosas, along with less traditional brunch offerings like the Orange-Aperol Sun (Orange Juice, Aperol, and Champagne), the Mexican 75 (Tequila, Lime Juice, and Prosecco), and the Lillet Rose (Gin, Pink Grapefruit Juice, and Lillet Rose)

Not that it was expensive to have brunch at the place before, since every entree tops out at $13, but just imagine the waste of a day you can be by drinking two cocktails instead of one, while saving money for yet another drink. Oh wait, you usually go to brunch with another person, right. Still, cheaper!

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