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Bar of the Week: It’s Project Parlor!

This is the 21st in our series on the venues featured in the second Brooklyn Beer Book. This week we’re featuring Project Parlor, whose ample backyard space and cozy interior is calling to us on these hot early summer days.

Photo via Project Parlor

742 Myrtle Ave. Bed-Stuy

What it is: A charming and endearingly grungy Bed-Stuy watering hole with one of the biggest outdoor areas you ever did see, located on an otherwise desolate stretch of Myrtle Ave.

Why we love it: The old-timey furniture, complete with upright piano, melds well with the old-school cartoons and experimental films projected on the walls. The bartenders couldn’t be friendlier; they’ll definitely remember you if you stop in on the regular. Despite the surrounding area, the whole place feels cozy, with a boisterous (but not too much so) front room, and a more intimate back area complete with couches. Bonus: if it gets packed, there’s always space in the backyard, a nice escape from the typical industrial north Bed-Stuy grit whose patio features more than ample amounts of seating.

Who to bring: Friends, significant others, clueless locals, and, of course, lovers of hot mulled cider.

What to order: In the colder months, you can’t go wrong with $5 hot mulled cider, which is more 3/4 booze and 1/4 cider … not like that’s a bad thing. Otherwise, the selection of fancy beers on tap is plentiful and priced as to not break the bank.

Project Parlor fun fact: The frequent Iron Chef-esque BBQ showdowns held out back draw a huge crowd seeking booze, tasty meats, and good company.

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