The Second Annual Bad Film Fest wants your crappy movie

tommy wiseau
Is your movie The Room bad? Well, you might be in luck.

Did your tightly held dreams of being a big shot Hollywood director die upon watching the awful first cut of your awful first film. Never fear New York Film Academy graduates and New York University dropouts! The Second Annual Bad Film Fest is now accepting submissions!

You have till March 15 midnight to submit your nascent genius on the Bad Film Fest website. The short film can be a maximum of 20 minutes long and within a number of genres from your typical romance comedy to the more indie arthouse experimental or found footage.

“It’s not that we have low standards,” says Bad Film Fest Co-Founder Starr Kendall, but the title is to reflect the  desire to curate a “diverse” film festival and “to make a venue available to people who are prevented from showing their work by the fear of how it will be received by the audience.”

They’re on to something as artists are notoriously our own worse critics. Even Francis Ford Coppola doesn’t hold the Godfather II in high regards believing there should have only been the original.

Clone High Film Fest
“Cleo’s got her epic, Gandhi’s doing his cop movie, and Mother Teresa’s got that teen slasher sex romp.”

“The theory behind labeling the festival ‘bad’ is to remove from the filmmakers the burden to be perfect,” said Kendall.

So dust off that thesis film from 1995 and don’t bother reworking it for the umpteenth time; your less than perfect creation is welcome here. And if you just want to see other people’s terrible movies, the festival takes place April 11 and 12 at the Cloud City Performance Space (85 N. 1st Street).

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