Thursday at the Brooklyn Brewery, see some bike-inspired art, for free

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Looks just like your life. via ARTCRANK

Ever think that you’re a work of art when you’re on your bike? Well then hop on that sweet ride of yours on Thursday and cruise on down to Brooklyn Brewery (79 N 11 Street, Williamsburg) for ARTCRANK a bike-themed art show, featuring posters that celebrate bikes and the people who ride them.

ARTCRANK will feature 29 local artists and designers from all walks of life, all showcasing sweet bike-themed art. So you can look at the art on the walls and for once, think to yourself, “Hey, that’s me up there.” You’ll be able to see the posters and argue over which one is the best from 5pm to 10 pm in the tasting room of Brooklyn Brewery, where of course, a bunch of their beers will be available for drinking too (bring your Beer Book!).

If you see one you really like, the posters will all be on sale. For $50 you get a signed and numbered piece that you can buy directly from the artist, there to field your questions and entertain your harassment. And if you miss the show but still want one of these sweet posters simply reach out to ARTCRANK via their Facebook page and they will link you up with the artist directly!

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