Fort Greene complex has apartments under $500

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[UPDATE: DO NOT LEAVE YOUR EMAIL ADDRESS OR PHONE NUMBER IN THE COMMENTS BECAUSE NOBODY WILL RESPOND. Please contact the agency responsible BY CLICKING ON THE “FILL OUT THE APPLICATION LINK!”.]Rare is the Brooklyn apartment that actually qualifies as “affordable” that doesn’t involve subletting from a fraternity of bed bugs or living somewhere at the end of a train line you didn’t even know existed. A Child Grows in Brooklyn tells us about a new Fort Greene apartment complex now accepting applications that actually count as “affordable” to people who don’t have tidal pools of money collecting in their backyards: If you make just the right amount of money, monthly rent on a studio at 45 Clermont is just $461; a one-bedroom will only run you $493. There’s only 100 available so don’t wait too long!

The building is under construction but will include indoor bike parking, a landscaped garden, laundry room and children’s playground, with heat and hot water included in the rent, and it’s just a few blocks from Fort Greene Park. The building is part of the city’s Low Income Rental Program and other city and state housing programs. Fill out the application form before Sept. 6.

Here’s the price breakdown and income requirements:

Update, 11/5: Hey dudes– DO NOT LEAVE YOUR EMAIL ADDRESS IN THE COMMENTS BECAUSE NOBODY WILL RESPOND. Please contact the agency responsible.

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