Apply for get free studio space in East Williamsburg for three months

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Image via Interstate Projects

An art gallery in East Williamsburg is offering free studio space for three months to one lucky artist out there. The gallery, Interstate Projects, is offering applications for all you artists to a studio they have right next to their 66 Knickerbocker St. location. According to DNAinfo, you have until Feb. 15 to submit your application, with each applicant being judged by a panel consisting of artists, writers and curators. If you are too established, well you can’t apply, or you could, but you would be rejected immediately and also questioned as to why you need free studio space.

The gallery plans to offer this deal three times a year, so if you don’t get lucky now you have two more chances later this year. The gallery’s director, 33 year old Tom Weinrich, told the reporter that the gallery will be continuing to do this indefinitely. So even if you’re really unlucky, or just forget to submit the application once or twice, you will have multiple chances to get the space for years to come. Still, you might need the space right now, so apply today.

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