Anti-police brutality early morning dance party coming to Bed-Stuy

If you can get this hyped at 7am, we've got a party for you. via Instagram
If you can get this hyped at 7am, we’ve got a party for you. via Instagram

Last year, we marveled at the fact that early morning, drug-free raves existed and people were into going to them. Even in the face of light mockery, the early morning rave isn’t going away, and now activists are using its siren song to raise money for anti-police brutality efforts next month in Bed-Stuy. Is 7am too early to listen to “Early” out of a sound system designed for loud concerts? Guess there’s only one way to find out.

The Wake Up is an early morning dance party being thrown at the ungodly hour of 7am on September 9, at new Bed-Stuy venue C’Mon Everybody. Of course, what might help motivate you to drag yourself out of bed at that hour is that organizers told DNA Info that the $20 admission fee is raising money for New York’s Black Lives Matter chapter, along with the Black Alliance for Just Immigration. A look at the lineup for the dance party shows that our TV pal Richard Burroughs, also known as Dick at Nite, is going to be DJing the party, and everyone loves a little morning dick

Also you get free pastries and coffee with your ticket, so you won’t just have to worry about your own good vibes or political awareness waking you up. Now please please please don’t let this lead to the creation of a #BlueLivesMatter Bon Jovi¬†karaoke contest a week later.

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