Alamo Drafthouse announces menu and nothing else

Get in our bellies. Via Facebook.
Get in our bellies. Via Facebook.

The Alamo Drafthouse knows that we’re totally subject to its merciless will, languishing in the streets of Brooklyn waiting for their New York installments to arrive. To give us a glimpse of what’s in store, yesterday they released their menu online, still with little to no word as to when they’re actually opening.

We first mentioned the Drafthouse’s ambitious eastward expansion back in December. The Texas enterprise is planning on building three New York locations, the first of which is scheduled to open soon, as in some point this summer…in Yonkers. The other two will be in the Upper West Side and Downtown Brooklyn. Eventually. Like 2015 eventually.

The menu includes an array of burgers (including one with prosciutto for those who like meat on their meat), pizzas (including The Godfather for those who like movie-themed pizzas with their movies), bottomless popcorn, weekend brunch options and lots and lots of booze. And while their draft list is quite extensive (they are a drafthouse), we’re still waiting to see if more Texas staples like Lonestar are going to make an appearance.

We’re really excited about this, but we’d be more excited if we didn’t feel like the Drafthouse was stringing our helpless hearts and bellies along. It’s okay though, because this is Brooklyn. We’ve got enough crap to keep us busy. In the meantime we’ve still got Nitehawk. And all these cheap movie screenings. So take your time, Drafthouse, ’cause we could be here streaming movies and drinking cheap beer all day. So check out the menu below while drinking one those cheap beers.

Menu Slaughter 2013 by Alamo Drafthouse Cinema


  1. al fair

    that yonkers location is gonna make visiting my parents a lot more appealing. and let’s be honest, lower westchester needs the drafthouse more than brooklyn does.

  2. beezy

    Alamo Drafthouse is a lame, crappy version of McMenamin’s Theaters in Portland.

    Full Bar, Restaurant, Balcony seating, couches, loveseats, and recliners, private-label microbrew and a single screen > limited menu, nazi etiquette rules, and $7.50 tickets

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