Affordable housing actually coming to Atlantic Yards…in 2014

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Your future home if you win the lottery.

Since its inception, even the most steadfast supporters of the LIBOR Barclays Center and the entire Atlantic Yards project could be stopped with the question: “Where is the affordable housing?” The Atlantic Yards Report went to a meeting last night where Forest City Ratner adressed the issue, presenting their plans for the first building to be going up next to the arena.

Set to break ground by the end of the year, Building 2, as the housing tower is currently known, will have 362 apartments, 181 of which will be set aside for affordable housing. Forest City Ratner is currently promising to make applications available in January of 2014. If you meet income requirements, you could be one of the lucky people to end up with a $494 a month studio apartment in the heart of downtown Brooklyn. Given the building’s proximity to Barclays, that seems like a small enough amount of money to pay for the possible inconvenience of drunk guys in Kris Humphries jerseys peeing on your doorstep.

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  1. These plans and designs have been publicly available for over a year, and those involved have been very clear for months that they would be breaking ground in December. I’m not sure what people have been shouting about. There were delays related to union contract negotiations, but the intent to build has always been there, and nothing has been a secret.

    And seriously, is there really a neighborhood anywhere in this city where people aren’t urinating on doorsteps?

  2. I was born in Brooklyn. My parents moved the family to Queens when i was five years old. I always found a way to make it back to BK. from parades to friends and party’s. In 1995 My son and I moved back to Brooklyn in a location were i was born and raised.Prospect Place were i called home. being forced out! I became Depressed and for five years I worked hard on returning to the place I once called home.I will be on my knees Praying for a chance to live the rest of my life. when applications become available please inform me. Brooklyn Is My Life!

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