Adventure time, come on grab your friends, 19 other weekend ideas

adventure time
It’s the perfect weekend to watch people explore dungeons

1. Celebrate one year of awesome meat sales with the folks at BrisketTown, by eating meat and then using the energy from the protein to dance (Friday)

2. Come out to a benefit party for the Gotham Roller Derby Girls, because if you don’t, they’ll kick your ass. And you know damn well they can (Friday)

3. Think books are boring? Well what if there’s a party for one about New York City’s drug scene and feature performances from Himanshu of the late, lamented Das Racist? Yeah, not so boring now (Friday)

4. An Adventure Time TV party is better than your average TV party because it’s Adventure Time for Christ’s sake. Plus, they’ll be giving out prizes for the best costume, so dressing like the Ice King is finally an advantage (Friday)

5. Spent a night like this with Eli “Paperboy” Reed (Friday)

6. Tired of the same old animation you see everywhere? Spend a couple days watching some experimental animation at Pioneer Works (Friday and Saturday)

7. Kate Berlant, one of New York’s strangest comedians and one of our very favorites, is spending an evening at Union Hall entertaining you. Be there (Saturday)

8. Learn about New York’s non-pigeon birds on a bird watching tour in the Highland Park Ridgewood Reservoir (Saturday)

9. Or get some park (and Hungry March Band) action at the opening of Pier 3 and Pier 4 at Brooklyn Bridge Park (Saturday)

10. Ever wonder how Roberta’s got so fantastically popular? Learn all about it as their head chef and co-owners talk about their cookbook and pizza stories at Smorgasburg (Saturday)

11. Hear some stories from teens who participate in New York Writer’s Coalition workshops, realize these kids are all much better writers than you (Saturday)

12. Spook Magazine has a whole issue about the theme of “home” that just came out, so go celebrate it, especially if you never quite feel at home yourself (Saturday)

13. See You’re Welcomer, a play about some actors pretending to be a bunch of failed actors whose plays are disasters. Layers upon layers, man (Saturday)

14. Are video games art? Art show Level Up won’t answer that questions definitively, but it’ll have fun trying to (Saturday)

15. Everybody get up, it’s time to slam now, they’ve got a real jam going down: Party Like It’s 1999 is celebrating the cinematic achievement that was Space Jam (Saturday)

16. Pete’s Mini-Zine Fest has expanded into telling stories in the back of Pete’s Candy Store, so go check it out and see if they’ve got normal sized stories or mini ones (Saturday)

17. A bunch of Brooklyn’s best chefs want you to choose who among them makes the best macaroni and cheese by eating the macaroni and cheese at the 4th annual Mac Off. It’s a tough job, but we think you should accept the responsibility (Sunday)

18. Go to a clothing swap at Brooklyn Launchpad, where they’ll also be showing a movie. So it’s like doing one at your apartment, but without cleaning up (Sunday)

19. See Billy Bonfire, a rock musical about our dystopian future in the year 2144. You can get some survival tips, in case you somehow live that long (Sunday)

20. BE Beyonce at the audience-cast Beyonce jukebox musical, Pussy to the Sky (Sunday)

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