Is Tumblr art? Find out on Saturday

Beautiful. But is it art? via Marty Markowitz Eating
Beautiful. But is it art? via Marty Markowitz Eating

The question “Yes, but is it art?” doesn’t get asked very much these days. Probably because, like poetry, people like to say they like art but wouldn’t know Whistler’s Mother from her sister-in-law. Also everyone is too busy blogging and re-blogging to stare at a painting stroking their chin. But Hyperalleric, organizers of Saturday’s Tumblr Art Symposium, think there’s a new way to appreciate art: putting it up on Tumblr. Home of masterpieces like this. And this. Kids these days.

Actually, the Symposium, taking place at 319 Scholes Street, looks like it will make a serious case that Tumblr is good for more than silly GIFs. They’ll have people who actually put their art on Tumblr displaying it, and a discussions of how someone can best use Tumblr to display and promote their art. So make sure you bring your iPad so you can instantly re-blog something you like.

Despite our jokes, there are plenty of people looking to take that question seriously: the symposium is already filled up, but fortunately, you can still sign up to get on the wait list. After the organizers let everyone in who RSVP’d, you get to play everyone’s favorite game: wait on a line and hope you get in. If you forget to put yourself on the wait list, admission will be open to whoever is just walking by and willing to wait on a line after 9pm. Spending Saturday night being (or pretending to be) smart and highbrow is a nice opportunity, so you should probably take it. As opposed to a regular Saturday night, which involves double fisting High Lifes and chasing tail.

Tuumblr Art Symposium, Saturday March 9, 6pm – 1am, 319 Scholes Street, Williamsburg, FREE

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