Absorb absurdist wisdom at drunk Ted Talks at Videology this weekend

Rembert Browne knows more than Bill Gates, anyway
Rembert Browne knows more than Bill Gates, anyway

Few things remind us what brilliant experts we are on every topic imaginable quite like booze. Likewise, we can’t think of anything that makes us unquestioningly trust what people have to say quite like a flashy powerpoint presentation. If you appreciate drinking, slideshows, and unquestionable knowledge as much as we do, Videology’s TEDxxx this weekend is probably the key to all the answers you’ve been seeking.

If you’re a drinker with a thinking problem, hear some great minds like Grandland’s Rembert Browne and Slate writer Amanda Hess stumble through presentations at Videology this Saturday at 8:30pm. There will be six presentations on compelling, if ambitious, topics like “On Cultural Hijacking and Mass Inception (or: Why ‘Some Nights‘ is a Terrorist Anthem)” and “Sexual Dysfunction and Adult Contemporary: I Don’t Know Why I Didn’t Come.” We know you were probably a little bit drunk during a lot of those early college lectures way back when, so this is also a great way to relive the good ole days, back before drinking aggressively was problematized.

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