A sale on furniture (with pronounceable names) in Red Hook

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Atlantis, Red Hook’s second-largest furniture retailer, will be closing the retail half of their business on Sunday, September 27. Before everyone gets up in arms about Red Hook’s largest furniture retailer putting Atlantis out of business, let it be known that Beatrice, Atlantis’ owner, is only closing her retail outlet to focus on the upholstery and decorating side of things. Her new workshop will be located just around the way, at Screwball Studios (188 Lorraine St).

Beatrice will be “lightening her load” for the remainder of this week, with a closing sale. Lighting, art, and mirrors are 50 percent off, and all furniture is 20 percent off. In case your apartment is in desperate need of vintage mongolian lamb stools to go with your zebra print bar, you’re in luck!

The sale only runs from 11 to 7, Thursday through Sunday, when Atlantis will shut its doors for good. Atlantis, 351 Van Brunt St., 718-858-8816.

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