Ample Hills is opening their giant ice cream factory in Red Hook

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Ample Hills’ Oompa Loompas will soon be doing their thing in Red Hook (NOTE: Do not actually refer to them as Oompa Loompas). via Facebook

Ever since the news broke that Ample Hills was going to take their big time VC money (and Star Wars money maybe) and open up a giant ice cream factory here in Brooklyn, people have wondered where this modern day Willy Wonka factory was going to wind up. Brownstoner talked to Ample Hills co-owner Brian Smith about the future of the local ice cream makers and found out that the answer is everyone’s favorite neighborhood, Red Hook. Well, it’s our favorite neighborhood anyway.

The new Ample Hills ice cream factory will be in a warehouse at 421 Van Brunt Street, right near Fairway and Hometown BBQ. In a move that’s sure to never stop the Willy Wonka jokes from certain bloggers, the factory will have elements like a retrofitted bike to churn ice cream and a self-guided tour that allows you to see the ice cream being made. No word on whether there’s going to be a portion of the tour where the ice cream makers sing songs about your moral choices in life, but we can dream.

The factory space will also have room for a retail shop, so you you can buy ice cream and not just have to watch it be made while becoming hungry for ice cream. Smith told Brownstoner that he’s hoping to have the factory up and running by this summer, which is perfect timing for bike rides to Red Hook. Check out the rest of the interview for some more talk a lot about real estate and the future plans for Ample Hills’ expansion, but more importantly, get yourself into shape for this summer rides to Red Hook.

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