Coney Island/ Brighton Beach/ Sheepshead Bay

Getting Coney bumping again will take some dough

Everyone loves bumper cars. via Terrain Gallery

While we were fortunate enough to be spared the Brooklyn Bridge Park carousel, Sandy may be depriving us of a summer full of whiplash and laughter. El Dorado Auto Skooter and Arcade had just gotten a one-year lease from comic book super villain landlords Thor Equities when the hurricane washed a bunch of salt water over the whole operation. And it turns out that salt water is bad for metal. Who knew?

Operator Gordon Lee is working to restore the bumper cars, which are currently rusted all to hell. The bumper cars are old and require a ton of money for refurbishing, so Lee is hoping a bumper car expert washes up on the beach sometime soon to give him advice on the matter.

Lee told Amusing the Zillion while it’s a risk to reinvest with only a one-year lease, he’s learning towards doing just that. Which, hopefully he will, because c’mon, what are we supposed to do to get our fix otherwise? Slam real cars into each other?

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