Rock out with A Giant Dog and 12 other weekend ideas

TK reference
Cooler than Clifford. Via Facebook

1. Relive an era you weren’t alive for at The Bell House’s Grease Sing-Along and 50s Dance Party. Should be fab. Wait…that’s the 60s, isn’t it? (Friday)

2. Cannibal Ferox might be the most violent movie ever made. And now it’s screening in Brooklyn. Bring the kids! (Friday)

3. You have not one, but two chances to see Austin garage rock bad motherfuckers A Giant Dog make their Brooklyn debut: Friday night at Don Pedro and Saturday night at Death By Audio. Both shows will be great because they’re great (Friday, Saturday)

4. BUST magazine is celebrating spring with a craft fair in DUMBO, so why not go and buy some homemade stuff? (Saturday)

5. It’s Free Comic Book Day, so go out and celebrate America’s greatest art form! (Saturday)

6. It’s also MCA Day at Littlefield, but you can bring your comics we bet, the Beastie Boys were kinda nerdy (Saturday)

7. And it’s ALSO First Saturday at the Brooklyn Museum, so go and get some culture in all the major art groups: painting, music, film, books and dancing (Saurday)

8. You could also get drunk and watch the Kentucky Derby, but stay away from the gambling, none of us want a repeat of last year (Saturday)

9. The West makes the transition from cafe to bar, and they’re bringing TV on the Radio’s Tunde Adibempe to help them celebrate and hold their hands through that awkward stage (Saturday)

10. It’s once again PRIME time. No, not like the TV way, like the queer dance party for grown up queers way (Saturday)

11. It’s Cinco De Mayo! Quick, pretend to know some stuff about Mexico (Sunday)

12. Oh you know, just the usual Sunday in Brooklyn where people gather to become self-taught in graduate school-level physics and math (Sunday)

13. Bitter and Esters celebrates the art of homebrew by brewing something up at their place, and you’re invited to help (Sunday)

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