The best day of the year, Free Comic Book Day, is Saturday

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The crowds come out to Bergen Street Comics on Free Comic Book Day

Comic books are great, it’s just a fact. The problem is, like most things in life, comic books cost money. Which is very frustrating. But, in their infinite wisdom, comic shops and publishers have decided to spend one day a year, Free Comic Book Day, giving out free comics. And guess what? Free Comic Book Day is this Saturday! And there are plenty of Brooklyn comic shops participating.

Which ones? Desert Island, Bergen Street Comics, Brooklyn Comics and More and Galaxy Collectibles will all have free comics spilling out their doors. Brooklyn Comics and More is making a big deal out of the day, with face painting and a caricaturist in the store on Saturday, along with Popeye artist Vince Musacchia signing copies of his work.

The complete list of free comics can be found here, and while it includes lame things like Superman (Superman is just the worst, sorry. Not sorry), you can also grab yourself a Walking Dead issue , a completely insane-looking NFL/superhero mashup thing and a Nina Turtles comic, because the Ninja Turtles will always be cool. So yeah, there’s no Hawkeye, but that’s OK we guess. This time.

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