7-Eleven is coming to Fulton Street in Bed-Stuy

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Sure they’ve got Slurpees, but they don’t have roti. Photo by David Colon

Bed-Stuy, as we all know, has a huge shortage of bodegas and cheap grocery stores. So now we can start saying “Oh thank Heaven,” because faceless Slurpee-slinging mega-corporation 7-Eleven is opening up at 1239 Fulton Street. It’s not Bed-Stuy’s first 7-Eleven, and presumably they won’t be selling roti, so Ali’s Trinidad Roti Shop up the block won’t have anything to worry about. If 7-Eleven starts undercutting them though, there’s gonna be trouble. What does this mean for Bed-Stuy’s “new Williamsburg” designation? Probably nothing, since Williamsburg has a Starbucks.

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