6 bars where you can watch the final season of ‘Mad Men’

mad men season 7
One last chance for you spend time with these racist, sexist, alcoholic fossils

All good things must come to an end; yes, even the booze, cigarettes, and misogyny of the mid-century establishment had their day in the sun–although we suppose those weren’t really all good things. If popular culture’s obsession with Mad Men is any indication, though, their heyday continues to fascinate and entertain well into the 21st century, so here are a few places in our beloved borough to see some of our favorite friends interact with one another like real adults this Sunday at 10pm.

406 3rd Ave (and 6th St), Gowanus

Get there by nine, and you can catch Game of Thrones, too (they really get into their Game of Thrones). Stay for the season premiere of Mad Men and instantly progress centuries into the future but at a snail’s pace in terms of social progress. Although, hey, the show’s getting into the late ’60s, so yes I admit it’s getting better, a little better all the time. There will be on-theme cocktails for both shows for $8.

The Monro
481 5th Ave (b/t 11th and 12th St), Park Slope

If you thought living the high life was working on Manhattan’s Madison Avenue in the 1960s, you clearly haven’t been to this Park Slope bar on a Sunday, when they have $3 High Life! Because Miller High Life on your table means you know quality and good living. They’ll also be serving up Old-Fashioneds, Manhattans, and Gimlets if Champagne the Champagne of Beers isn’t your thing.

South 4th Bar
90 South 4th Street (corner of Berry Street), Williamsburg

What better way to say goodbye to the antiquated fossils of Mad Men than to hang out at a neighborhood joint Don Draper and Roger Sterling would never be caught dead at (well, maybe weird tripping Roger would). South 4th will have an $8 or less Mad Men-themed cocktail menu every week, but for those looking to move out of the early 60s already, the bar has $5 Sam Adams pints. Plus, every Sam Adams pint purchased puts you in the running for a Mad Men grand prize drawing at the screening of the series finale, which can win you free beer, Sam Adams swag, bar tabs and more. Sounds like someone learned a little something about advertising.

Soda Bar
629 Vanderbilt Ave (b/t St Mark’s and Prospect), Prospect Heights

This comfy neighborhood bar has everything you could want–relevant cocktails, a spacious patio crisscrossed with bulbous light bulbs, and, oh, yes: Mad Men. Rumor has it they’ll have a cocktail particular to the show; guess they wanna keep you guessing $20 says its an Old-Fashioned.

308 Bedford Ave (and S 1st), Williamsburg

They’ve got an entire room in the back devoted to a projector, so you can see all the action–or tense, understated drama, rather–unfold before your eyes in the living technicolor of yesteryear. Bonus points: they’ve had a drink on their menu called “The Don Draper” ever since they opened, so you know they’re down to party get too drunk at work and pass out on the couch.

101 Wilson Ave (b/t Troutman and Starr), Bushwick

Just cuz you’re all the way out in Bushwick with all of those other whippersnapper gentrifiers doesn’t mean you can’t get your TV fix while out and about like a sophisticated socialite. Who wants to drink alone in their room, staring vapidly into the glow of an oversized flatscreen, anyway? Okay, more people than we thought. You should come out and drink with the rest of us, anyway. We’ll be at Miles, throwing back, per their Facebook page, “Don Draper Rye Old Fashioned special[s] all night long!”

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