Here’s a look at a place you’ll never live

Hey remember when 53,000 people applied for affordable artist housing up in Harlem, and we all thought, “Well, it can’t possibly get any worse”? Yeah, we shouldn’t have thought that, because it has gotten worse, much closer to home, with the Daily News reporting that 58,832 people applied for affordable housing in a Greenpoint development that has 105 spots. Happy Friday!

The apartment is going up at 1133 Manhattan Avenue and , but we guess that’s not so important unless you’re planning on going there to gaze longingly at the building. You’re certainly not gonna live there or anything. Is there any good news in this? Well, if you want to keep up your “Brooklyn’s #1!” attitude, this slew of lottery applications is the most that the city has seen so far. Right here in Brooklyn! How exciting! If you entered the lottery and you somehow win, we suggest you don’t tell anyone and never invite your friends over. If they find out, they might try to pull a talented Mr. Ripley on you.

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