25 gifts under $25, No. 25: A Giants/Jets/bowling combo date

Let's go big blue! Photo via BK Bowl.

OK, you’ve waited this long and what did you really expect? Spend the next 11 months thinking about how you should plan ahead next holiday so you’re not left short on Christmas eve. For that one last person on your list, here’s what you do: grab ’em after brunch, throw on your preferred blues or greens and head over to Brooklyn Bowl to watch the high-stakes Giants/Jets matchup at 1pm (what the Post Daily News! called “EVE OF DESTRUCTION.”) Your $25 will get you each a two beers (maybe bring a few extra bucks for tip) or an eight piece pack of that famous fried chicken. And you can also bowl for free from 12-2 (with free shoes too)! Drinking + football + throwing a heavy ball at things = a great pre-holiday stress reliever.


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