$25-and-under Brooklyn gift #15: gallon of gravity

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If only Newton had had one of these, his theory would have been such an easy sell. This $14 gallon of  gravity from the Brooklyn Superhero Supply Co. is the perfect gift for anyone you think  is taking the world just a bit too lightly. Why spend a very real $14 on a gallon of the invisible stuff that keeps us all with two feet on the ground? Because it’s a funny idea, the Sam Potts-designed packaging has a cool retro look, and all the proceeds go to 826NYC, a Brooklyn non-profit that helps kids with their writing skills. You also can purchase other intangibles like immortality, omnipotence, anti-matter and intelligence both online and at the Park Slope store. And if a gallon’s a bit much, pints are available too (in-store only).

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