This $20,000 bag of Williamsburg air is still cheaper than renting an apartment there

This is a bag of air
This is a bag of air

[UPDATE: We bring you an important update to this very important story. Vice music editor Dan Ozzi has outed himself as the mysterious seller of the bag of air, detailed in his post about his goofy scheme here. According to Ozzi, after eBay pulled the bag off of its listings, he got in touch with with an eBay representative who wouldn’t give him any information on why the auction was pulled, and he warned Ozzi off of making a new account:

I needed the money, I pleaded with RJ. Some friends from my luxury condo and I were planning on pooling our cash and opening a DIY venue. Could I just start a new account and relist the item? “I don’t encourage you to open a new account because we will still be able to know that it’s you,” he warned me.

How much of this is real? Honestly who knows, this is the world we live in now, a nightmare panopticon of irony where nothing is real except the things that are but you’ll never find out which is which. This is why the internet comes from the garbage now. Anyway, if you still want to buy the bag of Williamsburg air for $20,000, you can email Ozzi.]

Hey guys, so here’s something. Somebody bagged up some air in Williamsburg and is selling it on eBay for $20,000. The bidding started a few days ago at $40, but ongoing bidding wars have brought the price up to five digits.

The listing description doesn’t specify where exactly in Williamsburg the air came from, preferring to keep it mysterious. “Perhaps it circulated at our trendiest bars and brunch spots like Enid’s, or the Wythe Hotel. Or maybe it spent some time on the set of Lena Dunham’s hit HBO show, ‘Girls.'”

This air hails from 11211, but the seller is also happy to bag up some air from 11249. If you win the air, it can be shipped from Brooklyn either in its original Ziploc bag, “or in a mason jar from one of our many, many mason jar specialty shops.”

$20,000 may sound expensive now, but at the rate prices go up in Williamsburg, this bag of air will be one million dollars by the end of the year. For an authentic inhale of what it’s like to live in the neighborhood, there’s a clear winner. There are four days left in the auction. Happy bidding.

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