2 Broke Girls episode 2 recap: Everyone fall on your sword

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Girls in bed together is hilllaaarious

As a broke lady waitressing while pursuing other passions, you would think that 2 Broke Girls is right up my alley. I sat my broke serving ass down, to watch the second installment of this CBS charmer so you don’t have to. The plot revolves around Max (Kat Dennings) trying to finally call it off with her Axe-smelling bf, while new roommate Caroline (Beth Behrs) can’t stop meddling in her life. Please take a Brooklyn comparison journey with us for the second episode of 2 Broke Girls: The Breakup.


Cat-calling on the street
When Caroline is late, she says she had to take a cab to work. But they only live three blocks away from the diner! Or as Caroline says, “Three blocks and 15 ‘hola chicas’ away.”

Eh, that’s about right. Maybe a few “hey mami’s” “sexys,” “DAMNs” and my personal favorite “yo face looks like roses.” But that’s just my experience.


Dining sassitude
When a group of hipster ladies wearing hats, are ordering from Max they ask, “Don’t you need to write this down?”

Yes people do ask me this. It screws with my concentration because I’m now using my brain to reassure you that it’s my job, and my brain does function even with this severe hangover.

Hipsters with hats
Max then says, “I’m assuming this table is going to have a lot more of these request. Yeeeeah, I can tell from the hats.” Hipsters love hats! Hipsters are big whiny jerks! Actually, some hipsters in hats are my best customers. They are nice because maybe they were servers once, and they tip. It’s people with strollers that I fear the most.

Brooklyn racial stereotypes
A show about two broke girls in Brooklyn has white chicks in the leads, and minorities as side characters/comic relief. Max warns: “You can’t tell an Asian he’s wrong. He’ll go in the back and throw himself on a sword.” When I worked at a Japanese company, no one channeled Mickey Rooney’s caricature as hard as the actor playing Mr. Lee.

“There’s weird sounds in the street, and I don’t have my white noise machine”

“Well, that’s Puerto Rican noise. You’ll get used to it.”

More like, drunken trust-funder noise pilling out of the bar that just opened up on my once QUIET STREET.

One of the major plot points of this episode was Caroline getting a woman who owns a bakery to try Max’s cupcakes; she might sell them there! As the fine folks at Robicelli’s can tell you, a woman who owns a bakery will not carry your cupcakes at said bakery. Because if she owns one, she most likely knows how to makes the damned delicious things herself. You need to open your own bakery. Or sell yours at a flea market or something.

And for your enjoyment, here are the episodes top-used words, in descending order.

Cupcakes: 15
Money: 12
Breakup: 6
Chips: 6
Future: 6
Bacon: 2
Broke: 2

Now, please find me a sword to throw myself on.

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  1. The tall older blond is always getting in sexy trouble.where has she been the last two airings. she is so good and funny too

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