11 free things to do to enjoy this mighty good week

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1. If you’ve ever wanted to tell your friends you were cold lampin with Flavor, now’s your chance. (Monday)

2. Head down to Coney Island to see shit girls dance to. (Monday)

3. Read under the bridge, like some kind of college educated bridge troll. (Monday)

4. Get practical information on the horrors of pregnancy and raising a baby (Tuesday)

5. Sit down for a discussion about thrilling miracles. (Tuesday)

6. Dance with some nerds who have good social skills. (Wednesday)

7. Hey girl, I’m aware of and in opposition to the patriarchy. (Thursday)

8. Relive memories of the summer camp you wish you went to. (Thursday)

9. Celebrate the should-be-criminal beauty of teenage Olivia Hussey (and appreciate Shakespeare, we guess). (Thursday)

10. A documentary about a homeless teen is a great date night activity since seeing it makes you look less shallow. (Friday)

11. We wouldn’t wanna be part of any club that would have us. Unless it was called the Brooklyn Soul Club. (Friday)

As always, there’s heaps more things to do in the Brokelyn events calendar. And don’t forget that you, yes you, can add an event to it.

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