Ensure Trump ‘gets the help he needs’ for Tax Day by spamming the White House with 1040 forms

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Tax Day is exactly a week away (it’s next Tuesday, April 18), and as much as us individuals and small businesses struggle to get our returns in on time, it is clear that no one is having quite as much difficulty with his taxes as Donald Trump. When an entire country, all American media, your fellow elected officials, and your patriotic duty demand you file your taxes, not even on time, but at some point eventually, and you are still incapable, clearly you need some help – thus was born, a website dedicated to helping President Trump, “gets the help he needs.”

(Hopefully you know this by now, because it’s due in seven days, but a 1040 form is where you tell the IRS how much you made last year, AKA your income tax return.)

The site’s purpose is simple:

It seems the President needs help figuring out how to do his taxes. Let’s make sure Trump gets the correct paper work so America can see who he owes, who owes him, and most importantly how his dealings could effect the hard earned salaries of Americans.

To help Trump, the site requests you print a 1040 form (“or three or twenty”), take a picture of it and share to social media with #104forTrump and then mail the printed form to the White House, because, “Maybe seeing all those 1040 forms will help jog Trump’s memory as to where his previous Tax Returns are.” If Trump is above taxes, is he also above death? Never have we been so excited for the IRS to come collect.

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